Candlelight Christmas Eve Service

Oh Holy Night. A Children’s Choir. A Manger Scene at the front of the Sanctuary. Real candles. Church clothes. My heart was smiling…despite what it took to get everyone there, I’m so glad we did it.
…I wonder what the people were thinking…singing, eyes closed in their somber state of worship, and I pull out my big camera and start shooting pictures.

The Things We Can Do Because We’re Home for Christmas

Swim in our pool the day before Christmas Eve…
Wrap presents with my mom in front of our own fireplace while watching Miracle on 34th Street… Start new traditions…

Last night we began our first Hampton Christmas Tradition: The Eve of Christmas Eve Hot Cocoa Walk. Lainey got a new wagon which we decorated with evergreen garland, battery-operated Christmas lights and a “Merry Christmas” poster. We filled the wagon with a boom box blaring Christmas music, fake snowballs and a Santa hat-adorned baby. Then, we filled a big carafe with hot cocoa and brought along some styrofoam cups. We walked through the neighborhood as a family, knocking on doors of our friends, passing out cocoa and singing along to the music. It was fabulous…pure fabulous. There wasn’t one neighbor who didn’t BEAM with happiness when they opened the door. Brandyn said, “You are OBSESSED with Christmas!” That I am, my friend. That, I am.