Summer Bucket List Charm Necklace


Our countdown to summer begins! For our summer bucket list last year, we made scout vests and earned patches for each thing we crossed off. It was so much fun to keep track of, and the vests are now hanging in the girls’ bedroom, a reminder of all our adventures. I love the idea of having a keepsake from each summer, so we wanted to do another bucket list this year but in a different way. And with charm bracelets and necklaces making a comeback (have you seen the 80’s ones at Michael’s? Total blast from the past!) and such a huge variety of charms available, they make a great way to track summer adventures.

Eat breakfast in a fort on a rainy morning: toaster charm
Have a backyard dance party: record player charm
Catch a fish: goldfish in a bowl charm

 photo print 22_zpsceaz83rm.jpg

We wanted to customize ours a little more specifically though, so we used one of our favorite craft items to design our own charms: Shrinky Dinks!

 photo print 23_zpsgjl6uc2l.jpg

Your kids can draw and make their own charms or they can turn in their bucket list, and you can make charms for them.

We used this Shrinky Dink paper, drew our pictures with colored pencils, punched a hole in them and then baked them for just a couple of minutes before they shrunk, thickened and hardened into perfect little charms. We added jump rings and lobster claw clasps (from any craft store), and I found cute very inexpensive silver charm necklaces and bracelets at Michael’s.

 photo print 20_zps1l4xrclr.jpg

We’re still adding to our list and creating charms, but with a little jump start, we’ll have them ready for summer.

 photo print 24_zpsgjjjnhdh.jpg

 photo print 25_zpswxclkhsv.jpg

I love the idea of having something we can all share and remember memories together–the summer of ’16 necklaces.

These aren’t just for kids either. Make one with your best friend. Or your mama.

And if you want to skip the whole make-it-yourself thing, Michael’s also has a huge collection of nicer charms.

 photo print 56_zpsfn2g0lz7.jpg

Happy list making.

Happy Summer Soapsicles

featured popsicle

Three days away from May means there is a line of bathing suits drying along the pool gate out back, bedtimes are becoming a little more relaxed around here, barbecue plans are under way, watermelon makes it into our grocery cart every week and yes, we’re throwing around summer bucket list ideas. We still have a lot of this gorgeous spring to enjoy, but being as the season lines are very blurred where we live, we’re already playing summer’s soundtrack–lawn mower hum, sprinkler spray, grill sizzle.

Between Teacher Appreciation Week and Lainey’s birthday both coming up, we’ve got crafty summer favors on the brain.

Enter our favorite treat…Popsicles. Even better…red, white and blue Popsicles. Even better than that? Red, white and blue Popsicles that don’t melt! 

 photo soapsicles 14_zpsflg41owu.jpg

They’re Soapsicles for the shower, and they’re super easy and quick to make. Wrap them up in cellophane with a ribbon and a cute tag, and you have yourself a nice summer gift–for teachers, for hostesses, for summer party favors.

What you’ll need:

Shea Butter Soap Base (We used this one)
Essential Oil for Scent (I used summery scents–lemongrass for one batch and grapefruit for another–about 6 drops for each color batch.)
Red and Blue Soap Dye (this pack has red and blue in it)
Large Popsicle Sticks
Popsicle Molds (we have this one)

I used a butter knife to slice through the soap base block, and worked with about 1 cups (melted), pouring one color at a time. Drop a small block of soap base into a glass measuring cup. Heat in 30 sec. increments in the microwave until it’s in liquid form (it melts super fast).

 photo soapsicles 8_zpspsv9duv6.jpg

Add 6-7 drops of your choice of essential oil as well as a few drops of red color until the saturation is how you like it.

 photo soapsicles 9_zps4kxdatno.jpg

Pour red candle liquid into Popsicle mold, being careful that it doesn’t drizzle against the sides. Fill about 1/3 of the way up.

 photo soapsicles 10_zpsp0mp74js.jpg

Let sit for about 5-10 minutes until it’s solidified a little bit but still mushy enough to slide a Popsicle stick in. Push a Popsicle stick right in the middle and let it sit for another 20 minutes or so until soap is hardened.

 photo soapsicles 11_zpsphk4ncod.jpg

Repeat melting and essential oil step with another block of soap base, but skip the color for the white layer. Again, pour soap liquid carefully, avoiding the sides. Fill another 1/3, leaving room for the last blue layer. Let sit until hardened (20-30 minutes).

 photo soapsicles 13_zpsezbqmjmc.jpg

Repeat the first steps again, adding blue color for the last layer. Let sit to harden. When it was fully set and hardened, I pulled the soapsicles out just like I would a Popsicle–put it in the freezer for a few minutes and then ran the outside of the mold under a little hot water, wiggling and pulling the Popsicle stick as I did. Eventually, it pulled loose and slid out perfectly.

 photo soapsicles 5_zpsqsc0btnt.jpg

Voila…some happy summer love for your shower!

 photo soapsicles 6_zpsugt6pw23.jpg

Outside Adventuring: Making Mini Gardens


Tracking PixelThis post is sponsored by Little & Mighty.

With the window of Florida’s Finest Weather soon to be closing and the sweaty thigh months creeping closer, I’m feeling obligated to enjoy outside adventures as much as possible right now. Plus, it’s spring, and while we don’t have major season changes here, I’m psychologically programmed to follow the course of Target Seasonal Aisles–that is, March equals cute gardening gloves, pastel M&Ms and flowery umbrellas.

 photo mighty 2_zpskpiuryql.jpg

I want to plant things. Given that and the fact that my mom’s been staying with us (yay for Grandma time!), I’ve been looking for fun crafty adventurous things for us to do to fill up our memory-making-with-Grandma bucket list. And by the way, sitting on Grandma’s lap listening to stories could be the only thing checked off that list and we’d feel plenty fulfilled.

 photo mighty 12_zps1qyrvwd1.jpg

This week, we checked our spring outside adventure off with grandma by making personalized fairy gardens. I found nice wide 10-inch terra cotta pots that were inexpensive, and we added dirt, a few succulents, pebbles and some garden treasures.

 photo mighty 14_zps0rcvtq1y.jpg

 photo mighty 1_zpsauk5o3dl.jpg

 photo mighty 4_zpsvv08px8h.jpg

Fairy garden trinkets from craft stores can add up, so we just picked out a few things and added some tiny toys (we love the Safari Toobs critters!). Dash made his garden a dinosaur garden, Nella made hers a haven for fairies, and Lainey made a critter park complete with a tiny vegetable garden and a picket fence.

 photo mighty 10_zpsh9btchzo.jpg

 photo mighty 9_zpsuetti1gi.jpg

 photo mighty 5_zpszrw3bp70.jpg

I loved this one because it required getting your hands dirty–always a plus for kids–and needed very little adult help. You can’t do anything wrong when arranging a dinosaur garden. Even if the succulents get trampled, you can blame it on the t-rex.

 photo mighty 11_zpssaajc6bq.jpg

 photo mighty 6_zpsnielsxls.jpg

 photo mighty 15_zpsx2jtbxcz.jpg

 photo mighty 19_zpsfunxlmae.jpg

The result? A happy window space in our dining area.

 photo mighty 17_zpswlo8c2yy.jpg

 photo mighty 16_zpscilbugdo.jpg

And those cute shirts Nella and Dash are wearing? Why, I thought you’d never ask.

 photo mighty 13_zpsslpedo6g.jpg

Three mamas got together with one simple goal–they wanted to create kids’ clothing that celebrated childhood. The mighty curiosity, fears, imagination and joys of being little in a big world. So they started Little & Mighty–sweet and simple clothing designs that celebrate adventure–digging in the dirt in spring, catching frogs and fireflies in summer, riding trikes outside for hours until Mom says it’s time to come in for a bath to wash the dirt away but keep the memories. And for the next 2 weeks, Little & Mighty is offering readers free shipping with coupon code HAMPTON. How cute and colorful your kiddos will look exploring their world in these.

 photo mighty 3_zpswb2pvqrs.jpg

Celebrating childhood…today and everyday. Happy Easter weekending, friends!