Trick or Treat: Halloween Memories


It was one of my favorite Halloweens yet, perhaps because it wasn’t 5 billion degrees, perhaps because we hadn’t seen Poppa since July and he arrived just in time for the evening’s festivities, or perhaps because I was extra aware of how special this is, caught in the little window between two worlds–watching Lainey run ahead with a friend and trick-or-treat without us while still holding little ones’ hands and reminding them to say thank you after KitKats were dropped in their buckets. Whatever the case, I love Halloween so damn much, and Monday night delivered.

 photo print 1_zpswlnk2ngl.jpg

I give you Witch, Mary Poppins and Richard Simmons:

 photo print 6_zpsoegemct3.jpg

 photo print 11_zpsbt5yoyp9.jpg

 photo print 37_zpsdsaz50m2.jpg

Some favorites from the evening:

 photo print 9_zpsvoyp8dbg.jpg

(Dash doing his “Simmons Dance”)

 photo print 12_zps7keh9spr.jpg

 photo print 17_zpsbyxbalzc.jpg

 photo print 19_zps6p1donng.jpg

 photo print 23_zps9oymdd9l.jpg

This KILLS me.

 photo print 28_zpsbwfkgdye.jpg

 photo print 29_zpsvtals51a.jpg

 photo print 31_zpswxjqktry.jpg

 photo print 32_zpsunnswbrt.jpg

 photo print 33_zpsehp0v7nn.jpg

 photo print 34_zpsfsnl4qhs.jpg

 photo print 36_zpsrotflmmk.jpg

 photo print 38_zps9ykdc9ay.jpg

 photo print 39_zpsiob611qi.jpg

 photo print 40_zpsr9qu75zr.jpg

This is Richard Simmons:

 photo print 41_zpsgpfun5d6.jpg

And this is Richard Simmons on sugar:

 photo print 26_zpseglcejls.jpg

 photo print 44_zpsqpivb7uh.jpg

I think Nella’s favorite part of the evening was coming back to the house, slipping on her nightgown and manning the door for the rest of the evening. Every time the doorbell rang, she ran to push the button on the fog machine and grab the candy bowl.

 photo print 45_zps4f1tncsk.jpg

And the best part? Examining the loot.

 photo print 47_zpsmknqv2kf.jpg

I hope you all had a fun evening. Scrolling through Instagram after a holiday is always so much fun–I smile until my cheeks hurt. I love seeing families making memories and flying their holiday freak flags. Makes me that much more excited. Now to get this ‘effin candy out of our house.

And you know where we are now? NOVEMBER!!! The next two months are my favorite time to blog. I get the holiday happies, my creative cup starts to runneth over, and this little space becomes a place to hold it all and share it. So many twinkle lights to come.

A Spooky Halloween Night


Happy Halloween! This is it, folks–the night of childhood dreams. Grab your brooms, light your candles, stock your candy. I love Halloween–but that’s obvious because holidays are my jam. To be honest, I think we all have a little something extra when it comes to chromosomal makeup, and we figure out what it is along the way. Mine definitely includes some kind of over-the-top enthusiasm for Halloween, but enough about me. IT’S HALLOWEEN!

This is the first year we did a Halloween party, and because I could not come up with anything more original, I called it SPOOKY PARTY but always said it dramatically and with a British accent and followed by a dracula laugh  (moo-ha-ha-ha-ha).

 photo print 54_zps381frfat.jpg
I turned Lainey into a witch in this picture using Pic Monkey, and Brett’s dad printed it for me for some festive fireplace party decor.

When I went to Utah a few weeks ago, one of the moms was telling me all about the Halloween party she does every year, and I was so inspired, I stayed up in my hotel room googling Halloween-inspired food and ordered a fog machine. That’s how these things start. Whatever the case, we had so much fun. It even felt–dare I say–a little bit like a night at Hogwarts. Dash had his own sleepover with his grandma that night, so it ended up being a girls’ party. And the morning of, Lainey woke up early, came and found me and said, “Mom, I’m so excited I can’t sleep.”

Cue Harry Potter theme song, cue fog…

 photo print 21_zps6yaqeczs.jpg

 photo print 49_zps2ke5ucfi.jpg

 photo print 66_zps9ggacxzj.jpg

 photo print 46_zpsuthdambt.jpg

 photo print 48_zpsn8kdqkvs.jpg

 photo blog 1_zpsvb2fzqx5.jpg

We served a full dinner of Halloween-inspired food including a witch wart potion that smoked and bubbled all night (I’ll never do Halloween without dry ice again!).

 photo print 36_zpswrtyhg4l.jpg

Turns out spaghetti is super easy to die black. Just cook pasta as usual, and then soak for about 3 minutes in a big Ziplock with a little bit of water and several drops of black food coloring.

 photo print 39_zpsul5dyqxq.jpg

The bat bile was a mint mousse that turned out delicious–just heavy whipping cream, melted white chocolate, powdered sugar, and a little green food coloring and peppermint extract.

 photo print 35_zpsk8ihlq8l.jpg

As for decor, the  Target dollar spot was ON POINT this year–flasks and beakers and test tubes, graveyard stones and almost everything else we needed. Throw some inexpensive spiders and snakes in the mix, drape some spider web, blast a fog machine, and everything turns spookatacular.

 photo print 33_zpsfgbq5klj.jpg

Radioactive bat poop favors (Nerds).

 photo print 32_zps31kdhass.jpg

The brain cupcakes were super simple to make, and I swear I don’t mean that in a Martha Stewart “it’s so easy, all you need is 10 professional pastry bag tips, a blow torch and 6 free hours” kind of way. It’s just two shades of pink frosting. You frost the dark layer on first, gently slice a knife to make two hemispheres, and then pipe the light pink frosting on with a big Ziplock bag. (also, not my idea–found these on Pinterest).

 photo print 56_zpshsmzgugp.jpg

 photo print 55_zpsnmi4hgzh.jpg

 photo print 29_zpsuutth5wm.jpg

Madame Zelda came to the party too and set up a fortune telling boot.

 photo print 28_zpsgflwcjjc.jpg photo print 25_zpsha2lv0cw.jpg

And giggling little girls all in witch hats, eating around the table in a mist of fog and illuminated by candlelight? BE STILL MY HEART. Magic.

 photo print 42_zpsgfz5m7wu.jpg

 photo print 1_zps97tcunfm.jpg

 photo print 3_zpswrp0oven.jpg

 photo print 7_zpsbab5hoap.jpg

 photo print 8_zpstu7nzskw.jpg

The fortune telling ended up being a huge hit. They all lined up and took turns as Madame Zelda read a fortune fish for each girl (have you tried them? So much fun!), and then looked into the crystal ball to see their future. I made up fun tales for all of them and included some that Lainey had written for them earlier–like “Tonight you are going to do the Dab Dance with a skeleton.” It is pretty easy to make fourth grade girls giggle. I’m not sure we can pull that off in another couple of years, but it’s fun while it lasts.

 photo print 14_zpsmikf9xdk.jpg

We got this $20 plasma ball to use for our crystal ball, and the kids loved it. It’s definitely something fun we’ll tuck away and pull out for parties again.

 photo print 11_zpss33de2wk.jpg

Little Ivy was all big eyes and 100% belief for her reading. It was precious.

 photo print 16_zpsfahmnhty.jpg

A few of our Instagram stories from the night:

The girls also made witch balm for their lips, and everyone got to take home their own tin. It’s a great party activity, is pretty easy to make, and kids have so much fun creating their own flavor concoctions. We made the balm from this post–four simple ingredients, and it’s my favorite lip balm. I keep a tub of it in my kitchen cupboard, and it lasts me forever.

 photo print 52_zpsarplcv4g.jpg

And what’s a sleepover party without s’mores? Halloween style, using black widow egg sacs instead of marshmallows, of course ;o) We love our indoor s’mores maker.  It’s so much fun to have for sleepovers and cozy movie nights–or breakfast, har har. Speaking of sleepover, does anyone have any tips for how to get a bunch of girls to STOP TALKING AND GO TO SLEEP?! Brett kept coming out and asking me, “Aren’t you going to tell them to go to sleep?” And I was all, “I did. Five times.” YONO. (you’re only nine once)

 photo print 19_zpshqkvfo63.jpg

A few easy ways to transform a party into a witchy good time?

*Switch out light bulbs with green ones–found in the regular light bulb section and a cheap transformation.
*Buy dry ice! We got a huge chunk of it at Publix for $12, and popped pieces throughout the night into our witch potion punch which kept it bubbling and fogging all night. You can also drop a small chunk into individual glasses–better with bigger kids as you don’t want little ones touching the actual ice.
*Fog machine. You’ll use it every Halloween. Makes everything look spooky.
*A candleabra. It added the perfect Halloween touch to our table and made for a great centerpiece. Very Hogwarts. The more candles, the better.
*A spooky playlist. You can find a ton of Halloween playlists on Spotify, from Monster Mash to Thriller.

 photo print 61_zpsxohmjpqh.jpg

And the best part? We get a whole ‘nother round of Halloween fun tonight. Grab your brooms, witches!

 photo print 53_zpsc6t38nix.jpg

And a favorite Halloween post from the archives: Our Storybook Halloween.

Have fun tonight!

The Easter of Low Standards


We’ve resorted to our low standard celebration this Easter. It goes like this: You know why this was an amazing Easter? Because we are breathing. We are alive, and we are going to let that fact have a lot of merit right now.

We’ve been in varied stages of The Flu Cocoon which is a lot like the horror movie The Fog except we get to keep breathing. Remember, WE’RE ALIVE! BEST EASTER EVER!

I have considered taking care of sick children one of those rites of passage in motherhood and one that can present itself to be quite beautiful actually–rocking warm little bodies, sweeping hair off hot foreheads, tucking covers, perfecting chicken soup recipes, feeling a surge of satisfaction from the call to nurture. But the other night when both Brett and I fell asleep with fevers and chills and awoke to the same fevers and chills plus two more kids with it, crying “Moooooooommmm!”? I did not feel a surge of satisfaction. I passed a kid to Brett–I don’t even remember which one–and bid him God Speed. “Here, you take this one. I’ll take the other one. Whoever survives until morning wins life.”

Turns out, we both won life, another thing to celebrate this Easter.

We had big plans for Easter–a giant spread of food planned, people coming over–all the Easter things. And I’m holiday girl! I live for this stuff.

But it just didn’t work out this year, and it was all we could do to take care of us. So we canceled all our plans and focused on breathing and staying alive. And you know what? I kind of liked it. Once in a while, it’s nice to be forced to step back and just do nothing.

Turns out we still did a few things. Quietly, slowly, and under the influence of Motrin.

Our eggs got dyed (made some speckled eggs from Martha Stewart Magazine–eggs tossed in a cup of lentils and food dye).

 photo print 8_zpsdpmyqj9c.jpg

 photo print 9_zps8h7yi75x.jpg

And the bunny still came. Also, word is the bunny got smart this year and ordered eggs pre-filled with tiny toys like puzzle erasers and tattoos. Praise be for shortcuts when you need them.

 photo print 17_zpsyldq8u2y.jpg

 photo print 15_zpsgumgtxdi.jpg

 photo print 16_zpsofrk1s69.jpg

 photo print 19_zps2qk2sd5r.jpg

 photo print 18_zpsrey2n6qx.jpg

 photo print 25_zpsxpy2umb2.jpg

 photo print 27_zps5cloyefo.jpg

 photo print 12_zpsqtpdfgts.jpg

 photo print 13_zpsbh3mlz0p.jpg

 photo print 21_zpstj0c3ecb.jpg

 photo print 20_zpszaem1hgm.jpg

 photo print 22_zpslcq7lpgm.jpg

These tiny Calico Critters pups? Obsessed. All of us.

 photo print 23_zpsqlitoe3u.jpg

I was actually feeding one with a bottle yesterday without realizing Brett was watching me.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

“What? I’m feeding a bottle to a tiny plastic dog wearing a diaper, what is it look like I’m doing?”

 photo print 14_zpsaibcrrcf.jpg

The kids tried on their Easter outfits at various times throughout the week, but mostly we just hung out in our pajamas yesterday. But look! For the record…BOWTIE. You’re welcome.

 photo print 10_zps5kx1t6ur.jpg

 photo blog 1_zpsfy01drwt.jpg

The cake that didn’t get eaten, but it’s okay because WE’RE BREATHING.

 photo print 11_zpsdndrsymy.jpg

I did get through Season 2, Episode 12 of Parenthood after marathon sick watching and cannot begin to understand why I wasn’t watching it when it was on. My obsession with the Braverman family is so for real, I dream about them and count down the hours for the kids to go to sleep so I can keep watching.

And for once, I’m actually glad it’s Monday. New week, fresh start. Disinfecting the house and kickin’ last week in the shins.

 photo easter 2_zpsjp7idisv.jpg
Fatema sandals, from my fave spring picks and a continued partnership with Børn Shoes.

Hoping you all had a great weekend and a happy Easter.