Wagon Ride

For some people it’s a winning lottery ticket to turn their world spinning into happiness. For others, it’s an exotic trip to a far-off place. For me, today, it was a wagon ride.


Giving her a bath is quite delicious because: 1) She has loved water since she was a widdle newbie, and seeing her love something makes me happy. 2) She has a cute widdle bootie and 3) Her lashes are extra delish when they’re all drippy

On Sleeping in Her Crib

It hasn’t happened. I found out there’s something more beautiful than holding her hand while she sleeps in the bassinet next to us…holding her hand while she sleeps in the bed between us. And, I think I’ve been beating myself up over it because I feel like I’d be scorned by other people for having a family bed. I’m over those other people. We’re both so at peace with her being in our bed and we all sleep so beautifully all night. It’s like a little closed circuit…one, two, three little bodies snuggled up next to each other just turns on that little lightbulb. It’s not to say we won’t put her in the crib tomorrow. But, for now we enjoy her little body nestled right between us. Our Lainey Sandwich.