Less Funny but Cute…

Not so Lord-of-the-Dance but still cute and postable…

She’s getting better and better at pulling herself up to things. A favorite: pulling herself up to the bottom drawer of her dresser and wrecking havoc on the neatly folded clothes in there!

And, here’s a cute one of her with her Grandpa Brian:

Notice, she’s predicting the flash with that little squint. What? I never take pictures of her!

Laugh So Hard I Cry…

Honestly, I went into one of those tears-streaming-down-your-face fits of laughter looking at this picture this morning. She looks like she’s dancing a jig. Seriously, just imagine those legs doing Lord of the Dance. Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

I Can’t Get Enough of Her

Does it ever wear off? The “enthrallment” of them? …of just looking at them and feeling like you’re the luckiest person in the world? I still feel like I’m in the hospital holding my newborn–that pinch-myself reality that I can’t believe this happiness is really happening to me. It hasn’t gone away, and I seriously expected it to. Not the happiness, of course, but that “can-this-really-be-happening-to-me?” dreaminess. It’s still there.
Brett did Daddy Duty several times this week while I had appointments or ran errands and I’ve missed her more each time. But I’m home now, the house is quiet, and she’s sound asleep in the sling..her heart beating right next to mine.