Baby Joey

I am a kangaroo. Daddy says it’s spoiling her, but I happen to know several baby kangaroos who turned out just fine. She falls asleep like this now and even Daddy had to admit this morning that there is nothing cuter than a widdle baby kangaroo peekin’ out from her pouch.

Baby Delicacies

All Things Baby are quite delicious to me, but amidst the strollers, bottles, diaper creams and high chairs (all which are quite yummy), I have become obsessed with a few favorite Delicious Baby Delicacies I Can (but try not to) Live Without. These are the Creme Brulee of Babydom, the sweet cream of accesories that rises above the average baby product.

1) Baby Bonnets: not caps, not hats, but true lace-trimmed, wide-brimmed, ribbon-adorned bonnets, sure to make Baby look plucked straight from the English countryside.

2) Burt’s Bee’s Baby Buttermilk Bath Soak: Someone took Divinity and bottled it up (in ultra-chic glass milk bottle, might I add). A couple tablespoons in a warm bath transform baby skin into edible, sugary sweet cookies.

3) Thymes Sweetleaf Baby Lotion: There isn’t an occasion when I slathered this on her that someone didn’t comment on how fabulous Baby smelled. It smells like baby powder, but not any baby powder…like the kind of baby powder found in heaven…the one God sprinkles on the baby angels before He sends them down to us.

4) Last, but certainly not least–The Sweet Fusion of Dreft and Downy. I inhale her clothes after I pull them out of the dryer just to get my Dreft & Downy fill…it’s like I’m holding little clouds in my hand. Cotton was never meant to smell this good.