About Kelle HamptonI got the keys to this blog in 2007, shortly after I became a mom. My ramblings were tired of being cooped up in the small space of my brain, and the blog market had some great interest rates. So I took the leap, set up Enjoying the Small Things, and threw a welcome mat at the door.

This blog grew from an itty bitty space to a bigger floor plan in 2010 when I wrote about the birth of our daughter, Nella, who was born with Down syndrome. From there, I wrote a book, Bloom, about our first year with her.

Nella’s five years old now and joins her older sister, Lainey; her younger brother, Dash; and her older half brothers, Austyn and Brandyn to complete our family. My husband, Brett, and I raise our little brood in Naples, Florida which—like life—has its ups and downs. For instance, February beach days? Love. September sweaty thigh days? Not so much.

Kelle HamptonI’ve redecorated this blog space several times over the years, from zealous colors to the safety of a dull beige, and I’ve discovered a little bit more about what makes a blog a home: It needs to reflect its people. If I’m successful at that, then you’ll find a complex mix of stuff here—family, hobbies, faith, parenting, crafts, style, books, photography, special needs, friends, connection and some messes—both literal and figurative—to cushion it all. I love the art of reconciling opposites—faith and fashion, family time and alone time, accepting ourselves for exactly who we are and following the path to being better.

Our family grows, social media changes, and our interests and responsibilities vary with time. You’ll naturally see some of these changes on this blog, but the same dusty welcome mat that’s been sitting outside this place since 2007 still stands. It’s yellow, by the way. Wipe your feet and come on in.

Kelle Hampton