We Buy Toys…

…but all she wants to play with are tags & shoes. Her little eagle eyes can spot a tag on a stuffed animal within seconds, and God bless the soul that tries to pry a shoe out of her grip.

Just Experimenting

Trying out some fun things… in a rut with taking pictures lately. Still waiting for my good lense to come back from the shop, but in the meantime, my creative “jammies” are gettin’ too small…I gotta try out some new stuff. First of a chair series…still gots lots to learn. I’m gunna retry this at sunset with better lighting

Weekend Snapshots

Baby Jammers are my favorite…sportin’ our Valentine ones a little early…
If you don’t have hair, you can always use bubbles!

I look ten shades of matronly here, but despite the fact, I’m in love with aprons, I’m in love with miniature Mommy things for baby, and I’m in love with Laura and Carie for getting such a great b-day prezzie! How they found a baby apron, I’ll never know! Can’t wait for Mommy/Daughter cooking days! (yes, that’s a wooden spoon in her hand!)
Cruising with Alec in his jeep (buckled in too…promise). Click on the picture to enlarge her GARGANTUAN GRIN!!! Seriously, could she be any more happy? Such a joy to chase her in this car taking pictures because every single picture had this perma-grin!
Fun weekend, but sad my sister’s back home!