Park Encore

The park was so delicious earlier this week that we decided to have a second helping. I don’t know who enjoyed it more…me or her. That smile on her face is au naturale…induced by nothing more than some good ‘ol sunshine and some other kids to look at…and it didn’t leave her face the entire time we were there. We had double the fun when our friend Baylee joined us this time too! And, I can’t get enough of the leg warmer + Robeez feet…or maybe I can’t get enough of taking pictures of them! Brett made me promise that if I was going to take her to the park, I would take along the travel organic sanitizer with me and spray the play equipment down first. Stop laughing. I kid you not, I was the mother everyone was laughing at with my little cloth and spray bottle, spritzing a swing that God knows was probably so filthy, a bottle of bleach and all the scrub brushes in the world to boot couldn’t have made a dent in its germiness. But, I love my hubby, and I love how much he loves his baby shmabes, and desanitization happens to be his fancy so I’ll spray away to keep him happy. Oooohhh…Baby Shmabes–I like that one.

I dreamed of having a little girl my whole life, and one of the main reasons can be summed up in two words: Ruffle Butt. Okay, maybe baby dolls, bonnets, tights, mary janes, and pink might be in there somewhere too, but seriously–butts don’t get any cuter than this.A little shot from our fun trip to Gasparilla Island today to see a friend. Just checking out the dock! Oh silly me! She’s wearing leg warmers and Robeez AGAIN!

Snapshots of a Puddincake

Just some fun ones we’ve taken the past couple days:Takin’ a shower with Daddy…
Just payin’ in her room…
Look familiar? How much she’s changed since then!
Could she get any cooler?